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5 Ways to Work Smarter Finding Retail Tenants

There are a lot of financial analysts that say commercial rental properties will see improvement in 2011. Unfortunately, that is still in the future and there are a lot of landlords that need help finding quality tenants immediately. There are many different ways to increase your property’s visibility through advertising and marketing tactics but they take a lot of time to show results. The fastest way to get your commercial property rented is to start using retail leasing software like Retail Lease Trac. It allows you to go directly to the source and find tenants that are actively looking for commercial space. Here are 5 ways that Retail Lease Trac allows you to work smarter and not harder:

1. Customizable search – The database of contacts is fully searchable and you can set your own parameters. It allows you to search for tenants by company name, the amount of space that they need, type of facility that they need and location that they are interested in. Once you have finished your research, your custom searches and all of the results can be saved to the company servers to prevent accidental loss.

2. The program is online – You never have to worry about downloading new software updates or installing programs that may conflict with your computer. All of the work is done in your web browser so that you can search for tenants anytime, day or night. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection you can get your work done from anywhere in the world. It is a lot better than having to drive into work just to use a specialized piece of software or access a file.

3. Built in email – The application allows you to send broadcast emails to all of the potential tenants in your search results. It can even be made to look like it originates from your business email account to make it easily identifiable.

4. Built in label maker – If you want to do a traditional mail campaign in addition to email, Retail Lease Trac allows for that too. You can feed your contact lists into the label maker to have them printed out and ready to put on an envelope.

5. Accuracy – There are a lot of databases that say that they can offer you leads but how accurate are they? People may have changed their minds and are no longer interested in rental property but haven’t been removed from the list. Retail Lease Trac gets in touch with all 6,000 of their contacts every 120 days to insure that they are still viable.