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Wallace Wattles Science of Getting Rich Lessons – The Competitive Mind Vs The Creative Mind

The competitive mind vs. the creative mind. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles offers many great lessons that when combined create the basic success formula by which anyone can create wealth, abundance and prosperity in their lives. One of the core concepts that Wattles explains in his book is the idea of doing things in a “certain way”.

Wattles refers to the certain way in a couple of different contexts, but the essence of his message is that you will enjoy success by transcending your competitive mind and instead operating from the realm of your creative mind.

The competitive mind is the place from which most of your daily life and that of those around you operates. It is the mentality that resources are scarce, times are tough, and there must be winners and losers. It leads to a natural sense of distrust and inherent competition in everything we think or do.

When you operate from the position of the competitive mind, your focus is almost exclusively on you. You are focused on how you will benefit or stand to gain, and on what’s in it for you. You are not focused upon others. You look to do the minimum required in order to get the result you want.

The creative mind, on the other hand, is the mind that is in harmony with the natural state of the Universe. It operates from the perspective of infinite abundance and the purpose of increasing life for the benefit of everyone. Its focus is on helping and serving others.

Zig Ziglar said that you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. This is an attitude born from the perspective of the creative mind. And it represents a theme that is universal amongst all of the masters. The path to fulfilling your purpose and to living your dream is through the service you provide to others.

When you are operating from the perspective of the creative mind, you become intent on leaving the impression of increase in everything you do. This translates into doing each task you undertake to the best of your ability… for whomever you may be doing it. You place your focus on providing the fullest service possible for others. In turn, you make the world a better place and support the Universe’s inherent bias towards growth and expansion.

When you transcend the competitive mind and make a habit of operating from your creative mind instead, by law of reciprocity, you get back what you give. That is in fact the way riches come to you and it is one of the basic tenets of what Wattles teaches in The Science of Getting Rich.