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Blonde Babe Sex Robots

The Japanese Robotic Researchers and Scientists are far ahead of the American robotic teams when it comes to android type human like robots. In fact the Japanese have created sophisticated artificial intelligence which enables many of their robots to do human like tasks using human like movements. They mirror your non-verbal communications and even speech patterns with voice recognition and the latest facial recognition features.

These robots are also available for commercial applications in Japan. Many of the current commercial applications for in the United States robotic companies are still on the ground floor scaring the household cat. For instance the Romba or iRobot robotic vacuum, which does work well but others say it merely sucks. The Japanese on the other hand are developing blonde “babe” sex robots, which do a whole lot more than suck and have more than one orifice to assist them in their specially customized robotic features. It figures they would be ahead of us in such endeavors and it also stand to reason that Japanese Business Men are lining up to get their very own blonde babe sex robots which currently are not available to the general public, like the android type robots like the full scale soccer robots or maid assistant robots that we have all seen in the science magazines.

You see, so often things, which are involved in the entertainment of the human animal instincts are by far the best sellers and in the industry of robotics it is no different. Once these super model Blond babe sex robots hit the Japanese buying consumer they will be sold for $4,000. Right now you can by a robotic dog for 3,500 and those prices are coming down due to the shear number they have already sold. Soon perhaps you can get a robotic girlfriend to keep in the garage or closet for under $3500 such a bargain. Isn’t it funny the kinds of technologies, which propel this species; silly humans. Think on it.